When you make a decision and genuinely execute, you can eliminate every single barrier in your life. If you’re executing your decision properly then you are making a statement to the world. You start sharing with the entire world, that “This is how it works!” You can learn decision-making skills from innovators. Usually, we stuck into making the right decision but we turned out with no-decision. If you would like to learn, how to be more decisive, and implementing the same in real life; then I’ll say a person should be filled up with more desire, ready to put effort and a lot of commitment. Many times, you’ve noticed and you’ve have said to yourself that “I will do this”, but do you really believe that you did it? With this…

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Manpreet Sabharwal is a passionate writer, who loves to create awareness among people around her. With the objective of spreading her words around the world to make an impact, Manpreet turned her entire career around from being an electronic engineer to a full-time passionate writer and Digital Marketing Expert. She loves to ride bikes, travel, play hockey, and read, read, and read!

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India List (2019)

Buying a sports bike is a dream that everyone wants to achieve at least once in their lifetime. The feeling that you get while cruising down the highway, maneuvering through traffic, and cornering on sharp turns is quite hard to beat. In saying that buying a sports bike is an extremely crucial decision. I mean, with so many options available, it can get a bit strenuous to choose the one that suits your personality and does not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time.   That’s why we have decided to compile a list of top 10 sports bikes in India, under 2 lakhs, that are worth every penny you spend. Go through the list and pick the most suitable bike as per your style.  So, without any…

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