You may have heard the quote, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world” – Joel A Barker

To better understand the quote, let’s look at the meaning of the first phase, “Vision without action is merely a dream.” If we just prepare (in our mind) some sort of glimpse of our overall life then, we might realize that what if I had understood this before 10 years ago? What If I have done this or that a few years back OR what If I could be able to go back to that stage and do so and so? Some of us might have regret and some won’t because they had made their choice considering their situation. The reality is, it was our call and we made all those decisions towards our life. Eventually, we had a vision but as a process, there was no set of actions defined. This is called daydreaming too and unfortunately today after a long time has elapsed and still, we’re at the same stage.

Let me help you to evaluate the second scenario Action without vision. Just imagine, right now you are sitting with your family in the car and planning to go on holiday’s trip. But you don’t have any idea where you would like to go and you have started the car. You’re also not sure, which way to go and how much time it will be taken to reach your destination? In the back of the mind only one perception rolling out which is, you just would like to enjoy a lot; that’s all! By the way with this approach, you will be going to spend a lot of gas, resources and at the end of time, you will be not going to reach the final destination where you can enjoy a lot. I believe we can settle that before sitting in the car if you had decided your desire destination then your vision would be clear, as well as you might have started driving your car towards your vision only.

As we all know, how critical is the need for vision in business? Here, in the third scenario I’d like to share with you, which is a vision with action. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who have made a mistake in defining vision and wish. Let me help you to differentiate both the things precisely. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs say that we know where we are aiming to go in our business but it’s more likely it’s their WISH, not a vision. Over the period, the wish-list is not going to inspire your team, not even you; hence it should be realistic. They will be daydreaming, what they would like to achieve with this organization. In reality ground, they even don’t know how to reach the destination, and many of them even don’t know how to and where to begin this journey.


Let me help you out, how to write a strong vision statement?

The company’s vision should be the bigger, inspirational, practical, and most important factor is should be transparent like water.

To build a firm vision, you need to connect multiple dots like goal, purpose, values, and mission statement; once these all dots are connected, it will become a vision statement for the organization. A vision statement should be memorable, smart, and must be written in one or two liners.

There are six factors you need to consider while defining your vision.

1. The goal for the next five to ten years

As mentioned above, your vision should be “Live” longer in the world hence, your objective should be defined for the next five to ten years.

2. Define your purpose

The main purpose of the organization must require, why should we exist?

Define a bulletproof strategy on what we can do and what we shouldn’t do to achieve our objective?

Being an effective organization, you need to think yourself differently among others, and effectively.

3. How’s the success looks like and your operation

Since inception, we should think about our employees, and your team should be excited about company vision. What will be the employee package will be? What sort of benefits will be going to attract top talents? As well as what would be a personal development allowance every year they will get?

4. Consider company type and structure

Is it a non-profit or for-profit?

5. Describe a measurable goal

Define a realistic goal that, we will be going to expand our wings faster than x brand.

Creating just vision won’t be sufficient, you need to put your words into the action, and top of it your employees should be inspired to play an essential role to perform your master plan.

We must learn that a leader who has a vision and vision-driven leader is always a successful person who can admire someone else. Hence, vision is the most important factor for every successful business.