Time is very precious, and we should learn how to make the best use of it which is very much important in our day to day life. Today’s hour wasted cannot be carried forward tomorrow. Hence our point is to make the best use of the time. Being productive is achieving more in less time with high accuracy. Let’s try to evaluate how we pursue tasks – We procrastinate, we take longer to finish the tasks or we work smartly. Believe me, working smart would always be a better option. Below I would like to walk you through with different yet straightforward and efficient methods for increasing your efficiency.  

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Track Time

Tracking time means that the time you spend on every task on important and unimportant tasks which helps you figure out your pattern. Usually, we are unaware of the time that we spend on the tasks which are important to us. If we know accurately how to manage time, which we allocate on every task then we can squeeze more tasks, and can be productive. Let’s try and practice to allocate the duration required and the duration is taken to achieve a task for a few days. Be reasonable while allocating time, while you start and finish tasks stay focused throughout.  

To-Do List

As we go on tracking the time, the list of tasks is very much essential which needs to be prepared along. If we know beforehand the number of tasks we want to achieve in the desired hours, the chances to achieve them are likely to increase. Be reasonable to the task you allocate for the day. When we have a pending task, we ensure to allocate the appropriate time on the next day to finish. 

quit over 300x200 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE
be fearless 300x300 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE

Give it a break

Schedule breaks in between longer tasks can help to improvise productivity. It maintains concentration. A real small mindful break can increase the chances of achieving tasks more efficiently. Research has shown that performing tasks or work throughout without breaks leads to a decline in productivity.

Quit multitasking

Being multitasking is a good habit, but one of the most productive ways is to quit a multitasking approach. In a day, completing all the tasks from your list sometimes won’t be feasible. According to the psychologist, it might give you a lot of pressure and your brain will start switching tasks simultaneously. Do you know that actually, such this kind of situation can slow down your actual productivity? Hence, you must focus on one task at a time and quit your multitasking habit today.

quit over 300x200 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE
be fearless 300x300 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE

Take Travel Advantage

If you give respect to your time, then one day time will give you respect. This statement applies here when you are traveling and if you’ve nothing to do then you must utilize this time as a “Bonus” and utilize this in some productive work or else you can do some brainstorming activity rather just flipping Facebook, Instagram and other time-wasting applications and games in your mobile phone.

Be proactive, not reactive.

As I have seen many games, but I like to watch snooker and I am a big fan of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Most of the time I noticed when he got a chance to play with balls, at that time he don’t like to give a chance to his opponent and finishes the game. Being an proactive person, he plays with the ball before the ball plays with him. In the same way, you should have to make a plan to play every day, then you must do your best and stick with your plan. 

quit over 300x200 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE
be fearless 300x300 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE

Set Deadlines for yourself

Deadlines, the word itself giving you the challenge, whether you love this word or hate him it’s doesn’t matter. I can assure you on one part of this word is, it will surely “Motivate” you. Specifically, when you define your deadlines, it will be the easiest way to face yourself and justify whether you’ve achieved them or not? You must have a goal for every week, and it should be completed by a given timeline. You may start noticing that, you’re achieving the goals that you’ve planned. 

Apply "2-Minute Rule"

You might have to think to start your new habit every day but unfortunately in the majority of the times it won’t work out and none of the single things positively happens with you. So, how do you overcome this? You can initiate and start applying the 2-Minute thumb rule. For instance, If you decide to read a book before you sleep then you can start with “one page” only. The idea behind this rule is to just put yourself in a habit as soon as possible. You can apply this approach wherever you want, “You can do meditation for a minute”, “You can go out for a walk”, “You can send one email daily to your prospect client” like anything. Just you need to stick with your approach and need to follow the same thing continuously for just 2-minutes.    


Are you still facing difficulties to apply the same rule in your productivity or even not able to find a way how to do it? Don’t worry about it, just comment your difficulties in the below comment box and one of our experts will get in touch base with you and will suggest you how to increase your productivity

quit over 300x200 - HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE